What carriers can get support on Red Magic phones?




  • TeeJay420

    Does Red Magic plan on adding LTE Band 71 (T-Mobile USA 600mhz) in a future software update, if possible for complete T-Mobile Coverage??

  • nibkoo

    hello dear this item shipping in saudi arabia

  • riosandro307

    Halo, kalau pengiriman ke Indonesia. Apakah nanti bayar pajak lagi atau tidak ?

  • augustineegwuonwu

    Does the Red Magic 3 support T-mobile?

  • naenuz

    Can anybody help me verify that this phone will work on Sprint? From my own research it's got the bands 5,6,26,41 (I don't exactly remember the #'s right now) for Sprint LTE. Ive been in contact with Sprint but it's hard getting good help with them.

  • richldnrd

    I have same question. I want phone but want to make 100% sure I can use my existing SPRINT acct with it before purchasing?

  • naenuz

    I've got the RM3 and Sprint so far it's a no go. Sprints tech support is near useless unless you get a proper English speaker; I've put in a "clickit" ticket to get my RM3's IMEI added to the sprint database but it's been five days and no word yet. I tried popping in my SIM and it gets bars 4g lte but I can't use data. Messing around in network settings and some network apps I managed to get calls working for a bit.
    I think it will work but APN settings I add won't save so IDK I'll get back in touch with Sprint later

  • richldnrd

    Naenuz, thank you for info

  • PG2020

    How long does it take to restock the red magic mars in Europe?

  • hegedor96

    I forgot to put my apartment number or they will call before delivered?

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