My fingerprint scanner isn't working and doesn't respond when touched




  • Yukikaze

    So when I go into the fingerprint settings menu it doesn't show any registered fingerprints. I can register any other finger besides my index finger for some strange reason. My index finger is what was originally registered as the fingerprint unlock but now it is no longer in the registered fingerprints and wont allow me to remove it. The phone doesn't react when I try to register using my index fingers even tho it's showing 0 fingerprints registered. I think the only solution might be a hard reset but this problem is def something in the software of the phone for the most recent update. Everything was fine until I updated like two weeks ago. Luckily for me I'm happy with having only face unlock but not being able to unlock with my fingerprint does prevent me from using some of my apps and now I have to constantly use my password for them instead.

  • anpeilin

    I have the same situation. At first, my fingerprint didn't work, I have to unlock screen by PIN, but I input the correct PIN and the phone indicate it's WRONG!!! After several try, the phone start to reboot and stock on " the phone is rebooting", I have to press power button to force it shut down and reboot.

    After that, it finally reboot and fingerprint still doesn't work but the PIN is back......Now my records of fingerprint are all gone and I can only add fingerprint which I never registered before. It must be the software problem.

    By the way, I got this ALL NEW Red magic 3 only 13 days......What an incredible problem?!

  • anpeilin

    After 5 emails, you couldn't give me any useful solution. Let me tell you the right answer.

    Just backup everything and do the factory reset, the fingerprint scanner will be back to normal. I can register any fingerprint as I want. Case closed??? I doubt.

    It might be the software problem, and I'm not sure you have abilities to solve it.

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