I’ve cracked my screen. How can I fix it?




  • pazmichaelr2013

    need to replace my screen 

  • jgarcia072891

    I sent a request but I havent gotten any response. How long does it usually take?

  • jgarcia072891

    Honestly your service sucks. I've been waiting for a response for over 2 days. This is getting annoying.

  • emma

    I have been waiting now since Aug 3 for a response. You replied immediately to my first email which was great - but then nothing. I have sent 3 further emails and a new request re the old one. Guys get your act together. You cannot raise a service ticket from the website as once you try to submit your request re a cracked screen it say that the service is busy. This is not acceptable. Very Very Very Frustrating!!!

  • jgarcia072891

    It's been over a week and still no response. Can someone just please help me once and I'll never come back. I just wanna fix my phone with the company I got it from smh

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