When will I receive my order?




  • BlackSkiilz

    Hi, i'm waiting for my new phone its been 4-5days and i order it priority from europe if could get an awnser back would be good 

  • austinb643

    Same as him, it’s been a week and I ordered priority shipping. What’s going on

  • psyrecx

    Same here. Ordered last week with priority shipping. Haven't received any tracking information. Support is ignoring all emails.

  • paritosh1640

    have been waiting for a week now ordered  priority shipping want my shipping money back

  • austinb643

    Ok so for everyone who has had any question about the order time, these phones come straight from Hong Kong, so the shipping is automatically 7-15 days before it ships, and then it should be delivered in the three business days you’ve paid for, Ive had my order tell me it’s on its way exactly a week from ordering it, so if you were wondering about that and the order time now ya know

  • psyrecx

    There's no place where it says 7-15 days processing time, and that's what the time would be between ordering and it shipping

    The longest time for processing and delivery combined is listed as 12 days.

    So, 7-15 days processing is just BS.

  • brux271

    Priority Shipping: 1 business day processing time + 1–3 business days delivery

    My fu.... when the hell I’ll receive my phone, and why you dont replay any of us? If you are not going to send the good in the time you say in the selling page just delete the f out that, and put something like: somthing between 7 and 30 business days

  • psyrecx

    I just got a notice for my phone shipping. Apparently if you spam them enough, they will eventually answer.

  • Denmark

    Same here ,everyone is Waiting i hope we get freebies for this we keep waiting our phone
    And the date of is changing can you explain this ? Is same on order status delevery will resume 23 , when i checked again delevry will resume 27 and today delevery will resume 31
    Whats happen? My order was on 15 of july

  • austinb643

    Ok yea I take back what I said, I was trying to give them some slack but after they emailed my order is on the way I called the express that’s delivering and they told me it would be here Thursday. Which even IF me cutting off a week as not a problem that’s still 4 days to ship when priority is 3. I hope they do something Ab this because it’s not good at all if everyone seems to be having the same problem, we’re all paying extra and the phone still isn’t here. I needed this new phone in a timely manner and the delivery status is really BS

  • yyyaoa

    my order was created and paid @2019-07-02.

    and now the status of my order is still "PAID & UNFULFILLED" @2019-07-23.

    I already wait 21days...

    If anyone wants to purchase redmagic3, please consider it.


  • psyrecx

    Finally received mine. They told me they were going to refund the shipping, though I'm still waiting on that. Other than that, there's nothing extra they'll do.

  • austinb643

    I received my order today, not it said it was expected on Thursday but came in today two days early. And from the day they said my order was on its way it was in two days, and the package said priority shipping, so I’m thinking the priority part of the shipping isn’t actually gonna follow through until red magic sends you an email that it’s on it’s way, the whole delivery thing is scratchy but oh well I got the phone so😂

  • gerardonunez40

    Hola estoy esperando el mensaje de confirmación de en envio desde ase 3 dias y no me a llegado nada???

  • Luzflor

    Hola. Llevo esperando el móvil desde el 15 de Julio.
    Me pueden decir cuanta tarda??
    Soy de España,Pamplona
    Mi número es.
    0034 el código
    Y mi número 658518976
    Por favor si les llego alguien de ustedes que me digan cuanto tarda

  • Camomiyo

    Hi my order has the status says pending and unfulfilled but they have debited the payment from my bank account. And i emailed their support. Im just worried

  • psyrecx

    Unfulfilled just means it hasn't been shipped.

  • gerardonunez40

    How long did it take to notify you of the shipment after buying the phone psyrecx

  • Luzflor

    Cuanto tiempo te dardo ati en llegar el paquete. Y de donde???

  • yyyaoa

    my case is for your reference.

    my order was created and already paid @2019-07-02.

    and now the status of my order is still "PAID & UNFULFILLED" @2019-08-01.

    I already wait for 30days / 1month...

    and their support team <support@redmagic.gg> just replied below message.

    I don't know what's going on now and when could I receive my phone.


    Hi,we are just as anxious as you.Due to the hot sales of this phone,our staff has been arranging the delivery as soon as possible.Please wait patiently for a while.We will try our best to prompt the delivery progress for you.


  • gerardonunez40

    Es Posible cancelar el pedido??? Y como la dirección de envío no es estable hay algo que se pueda aser ise el pedido ase el domingo pasado porque decía que el envío se realizaba en aproximadamente 2 a 3 dias... vivo en us

  • yyyaoa

    IF they still could NOT ship the order, I want to cancel the order and let them return my payment.

    But I don't know when would they reply my e-mail.

  • beastmode8269

    Please ship my phone I paid for priority shipping I need this ASAP I am without a working phone that’s why I paid for priority shipping

  • shibakazuo113

    My order paid since 14th June has no respond, what is going on?  

  • yyyaoa

    I already cancel the order and wait for the refund.

    I don't know when could I get the payment.

    They said maybe 3 ~ 15days.

  • Brianrox247

    Red Magic: 2 dAys PrOcCeSsInG tIme



  • Yoshuabun

    You guys was waiting with exited it not gonna work for getting good advice for them .just be passion guys for waiting

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